Better late than never

Once again, I've been slacking on blogging ;] weird! Since Luke Bryan.. Fall was here for two days and now--It's -11, two feet of snow, and we are both under the weather..**Greg with a massive cold..intestine infection, and his blood levels are on the horrible side---me=freaked out!!!! **Me-I am just nauseated all day but no complaints, Christmas is right around the corner and we are so exicited!! We have had our Christmas tree(s)-three trees- up since November 2nd. And once again I am reminded I have married St. Nick ;] I love that Greg finds the meaning in this holiday and still manages to spoil his family. But before I go on about Christmas-///
***Greg's family had family pictures taken by the beautiful and talented Aubrey 
***We have gone shooting a couple times with our friends
***Spent the Thanksgiving holiday with all my family in Pocatello--which means two thanksgivings there(my mom and my dad's side)-I love going down there and that my family loves and accepts Greg as their own :]
We celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this year. 11-29-08 is the most sacred day to me. I will love no one else like I love Gregory. We have been with each other for six years and I still find something every day to love about him :] I am SOOO spoiled and was totally surprised with a second wedding band. I sure do love that man! 
*****AND last but not least, Gregory got a new truck! Might I add, I told him to drive the old truck down to Idaho Falls on Thursday (our day off) in case we decided to trade the Tundra in. Well you guessed it folks...no more 2007 Toyota Tundra. Greg is now a proud owner of a brand spanking new (only 30 miles on it) 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 :] Cloud Nine! I am so apperciative of this man...he deserves the best and I'm so happy he has a new truck :]
                      Before and after 
Our home and my 9 foot leopard tree!! :]


Luke Bryan

The person I call my husband is simply the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. He is always surprising me and I couldn't ask for a better husband. He surprised me with my favorite country artists' concert tickets about 18 weeks ago.. (Luke Bryan featuring, Thompson Square, and Florida Georgia Line) We went down to Utah last weekend and it was AAAmazing! I love our getaways :] We went shopping, met up with his dad, and of course went to the concert.
****Sidenote, We went shooting, it was my first time shooting a gun and I had so much fun! Dee moved home and I'm so happy she is here!! :] And it's finally fall and we set up our fall decor.
Needless to say I love and appreciate everything my husband does for me and US. I am the luckiest girl on this planet! 


Another weight loss post

Today marked almost a year of Greg and I on our weight loss journey. No..we weren't overly obese but definitely over weight. After taking the left picture, a year ago, tears and all... I decided it was time for a change. Seeing myself that heavy, biggest I've ever been, it was definitely time for a change. Greg is my right hand man and help. We knew it was time we changed our lifestyle and have stuck to it. Simply counting our calories/food intake we have lost 65 pounds and have kept it off!!! :] 
Today was a perfect day!!! Go us!!


Summer update

I know you all are thinking that right haha...not!
But seriously this is an update! :] wahoo! 
It obviously has been two plus months since I've updated and it's worth the wait ;]
-Cress Creek hiking with my family
-We were blessed with my beautiful sister taking pictures of us
-Deep cleaned our kitchen/entry way floors 
-Greg won FREE concert tickets from his work to Kenny Chesney, Eli Young Band, and Kacey Musgraves
-My wonderful sister in law graduated college!!! So proud of her!!! ;] 
-Aubrey, Loren, Greg, and I went to Lagoon and met up with our friends Kelsey and Devon 
-Besides Lagoon, the four of us went down to Orem and Provo and saw Aubrey and Greg's old stomping grounds, ate at the best place in Utah, Burger Supreme and shopped :]
-I officially finished my intern hours and the office hired me part time! I loooove it!!! I'm so blessed :] (And a big thank you to my Greg who put up with my crazy schedule for these last months of interning full time and night shifts waitressing. He never said one thing about the dirty bathroom or the loads of wash that seemed to pile up, he took care of everything...like he always does:]
-My beautiful sister came over from Boise to visit :]
-My grandparents celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary and had a huge party, rented out a park, catered, and Aubrey took pics :]
-Greg and I redid our kitchen cabinets and I am in lovvvvve with them, a big thank you to Aubrey and Loren for helping while I was MIA.
-Greg and I went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, we ate way too much and I wanted to take every animal home :]
-Daina came home to visit! I will always cherish the time we get to spend together:] I love her!
***A million pictures attached to this post and I'm not sorry ;]